Property Tax Bills – Incomplete Info – Licking County Treasurer Press Release

FROM: Olivia C. Parkinson, Licking County Treasurer

Recent property tax bills that were mailed out provide incomplete information regarding the distribution of taxes. While the School and Vocational School line items are accurate, the remaining line items are actually representative of a group of entities. For example, the Library line item actually includes the amounts for both Library and Parks. The Mental Health line item represents all county wide entities, including: County, Developmental Disabilities, Children Services, Senior Citizens, and Mental Health. The remaining item(s) are representative of local (either township or municipal) entities and include things such as local police, fire and/or EMT, roads and any applicable municipal or township.
This does not change the tax amount due, nor does it change how funds will be distributed. Anyone who would like to see the complete breakdown for each parcel can do so by visiting our website, Upon entering the site, search for your parcel and click on the “Taxes” link on the left hand side of your screen, and then “Distribution.”
Programming changes have been made to prevent this in the future. For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Licking County Treasurer at 740-670-5010.

Posted by Fiscal Officer Jerry Miller by permission of Treasurer Parkinson

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