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Posted 7/17/12

The Granville Township Board of Road District Trustees (the same individuals elected to the Board of Granville Township Trustees) is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 74.74 lane miles of township roads located outside of the Village. The County and the State are responsible for the County roads and State highways within the township. Click here for list of roads by responsible authority.

Maintenance includes the patching and crack sealing of roads, as well as the periodic repaving of the roads. The township also maintains the road side ditches which carry water away from the road surface and subsurface and culverts up to 36 inches in diameter under the roads. During the winter the township removes snow from the township roadways. Most roads in the township have a right of way and the township is responsible for the trees located within this area. The township places traffic signs in accordance with the Ohio Uniform Traffic Marking system. The township also picks up dead deer along township roads within the right of way. The County and State are responsible for deer along their respective roads.

By state law the speed limit on township roads is 55 MPH. unless a reduction is approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) . The State uses various criteria to determine if a speed limit should be lowered. Among these are: 1) the number of accidents per number of vehicles using the road, 2) the type of road, 3) the number of commercial businesses, 4) the number of driveways, 5) the topography of the roadway, 6) the typical average speed driven on the road. The Township Trustees have the authority to lower speed limits within platted subdivisions to 25 MPH.

Operation of the roads department is funded by a) 5.05 mills of property tax paid by the township residents living outside the Village of Granville b) a portion of the state gasoline tax as authorized by the state legislature (the Village receives its own gasoline tax from the state) and c) a portion of motor vehicle license fees on cars registered in the township outside of the Village, again as authorized by the state legislature. The trustees may also use a portion of the township’s general fund monies for road maintenance.

New roadways in the township are typically constructed by developers to serve their subdivisions. When a subdivision plat is approved by the County Commissioners they also approve the proposed roadway(s) for public use. After the roadway(s) have been completed to the standards of the Licking County Engineer the developer can petition the County Commissioners for acceptance for public maintenance. Once accepted for public maintenance the roads become the responsibility of the township.

The Township Road District department may be reached via a recorder at 740-587-0229.

Revised 1/23/18

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