Updated April 1, 2021

The Board of Granville Township Trustees selected Local Waste Services, LTD to be the Township’s Sole Trash Hauler beginning April 1, 2015. In December 2020, the Trustees voted a 3 year contract extension starting April 1, 2021. The extension included a 7% rate increase, which is still less than other local government’s sole trash hauling programs.

Please click on the following attachment which provides updated details, including LWS Contact Information, Collection Dates and the new Rates:

LWS – 2021-04-01 Rate Sheet-Guidelines

Additionally, the following attachment SWACO 2021 Flyer provides guidance on recyclable materials:

SWACO 2021 Flyer

Jerry A. Miller, Granville Township Fiscal Officer


History: Sole Residential Trash Hauler Program as initiated in 2009

To Granville Township Residents:

The solid waste and recycling exploration was initiated by a number of Township residents who knew and understood many other cities, villages and townships had saved their residents considerable costs utilizing a single provider. Granville Trustees talked directly with Trustees in St. Albans, Union, Etna, Mary Ann, Bowling Green, and Burlington Townships which currently have single provider service and found, after the first two weeks of implementation, the program ran smoothly and was met with widespread acceptance and satisfaction.

While several citizens have objected to having their ability to chose taken away, on the other hand, many more residents have expressed an interest in a single provider service. Within the agreement there is something for everyone.

Following are the benefits of contracting with Big O which submitted the lowest and most responsive bid:

  1. For those caring about the cleanliness of the community, the agreement speaks to single day collection, appearance and condition of the collection equipment and control of litter.
  2. For senior citizens on a limited budget, it mandates a significant discount of 10% off the agreed base price.
  3. For those with disabilities, it requires collection “next to the house” or other location that affords them a safer and easier way of taking out the trash, and at no additional cost.
  4. For those who are concerned about safety, it limits the number of heavy collection vehicles traveling on hilly, curved roads in the Township, reduces the necessity of residents driving around numerous trash trucks and crossing over double yellow lines, limits the times those trucks can be on certain heavily traveled streets and limits the times trash vehicles can be in the close proximity of schools.
  5. For those concerned about the environment, it controls and mandates the type of material that must be collected and recycled.
  6. For people with other special needs, it allows them to negotiate services above and beyond the basic contract.
  7. If the community wants to add, subtract or change materials as new recycling methods are available it allows for Trustees to request such change.
  8. The agreement mandates all material is collected and treated in compliance with Local, State and Federal laws. That is not to say material is not currently being handled in an appropriate manner, the proposed agreement simply gives control to the Township to assure material will always be handled properly.
  9. By selecting a single company there will be fewer vehicles in the community, therefore, far less air emissions will pollute the environment.
  10. In the tragic event there is an accident involving injury or property damage, the agreement requires sufficient insurance to properly compensate affected persons.
  11. By limiting the number of vehicles in the community it will also reduce wear and tear on roads. Some will claim this reduction is so small it makes little or no difference to the condition of roads. Because refuse vehicles work on the edge of any road, not in the normal traffic lanes, crossing back and forth over the pavement with multiple heavy vehicles causes significant damage to the pavement, much more so than normal traffic traveling in regular lanes. Therefore, by reducing the number of collection trucks, road damage will be reduced. Travis Binckley, our road supervisor, will confirm this fact.
  12. The agreement includes unsatisfactory service to be addressed by the chosen provider which is backed through the contract with the Township. Residents are currently at the mercy of multiple contractors without the backing of a governmental agreement.
  13. For all residents in this difficult economic time the agreement will result in lower costs as a result of the efficiencies and economies a single provider can achieve. The contract sets prices for a three year period and locks in that rate regardless of fuel costs. In these trying times this should be attractive to Township residents. Estimates of saving to the residents over the three year period run form 25% to 30%. Diesel fuel prices are 30% lower than just one year ago and the 25%-30% savings does not include the potential savings to residents if fuel prices begin to rise to 2007-2008 levels.
  14. Big O is a local company and was willing to accept the Township’s severe bid specifications.
  15. Our research reveals the Big O bid was lowest for the basic service fee, recycling fee, toter fee, and senior citizen discount.
  16. Big O’s quote is all inclusive with a significant reduction for senior citizens and no fuel charges for 3 years.
  17. Big O’s disposal facilities/arrangements have guaranteed price and disposal capacities at a licensed Ohio landfill that extend beyond the 3 year contract and Trustees have in their possession documents certifying long term contracts with Tunnel Hill Landfill, with Waste Management’s Landfill as well as Rumpke’s MRF.
  18. Our consultant, Fiscal Officer and a Trustee have met with Big O’s President as well as their primary contacts who will handle all service calls. They also have assured us they have the equipment on hand including carts to start the contract.
  19. Our consultant and a Trustee have toured Big O’s fleet repair facility, their contractor’s MRF in Columbus, and are knowledgeable about their two landfill sites.
  20. The Licking County Health Department physically inspects Big O’s trucks annually and approves them for service.
  21. Big O permitted our Township Fiscal Officer to inspect and review their financial records.
  22. HB 505.27 Collection, Transfer and Disposal of Solid Wastes permits townships to enter into a contract with a sole independent contractor to collect residential wastes and eliminate other contractors.
  23. A survey of Township interest was conducted, the issue was pre-announced for discussion in a public meeting, and the bids were made public to the media and are posted on the Granville Township web site.

This should leave the only negative concern to be one of losing the right to choose providers. It is the belief of Trustees the Big O agreement benefits everyone in the Township. It is also believed the majority of residents will agree once they comprehend all features of the agreement.

Your Granville Township Trustees (2011)
Paul Jenks Bill Mason Dan VanNess