Granville Township is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio. According to Bushnell’s “History of Granville” the township was chartered in 1806, while a part of Fairfield County. Like all townships in Ohio, it has four elected officials consisting of three trustees and a fiscal officer. Each official is elected to a four-year term. Elections occur in odd-numbered years, and two officials are elected or re-elected every other year.

The Township officials govern the unincorporated area of the Township covering an area of approximately 13,300 acres, with a population of approximately 4,500. The Village of Granville is located within the Township and comprises the incorporated area of the Township, but it is operated under a separate governance.

The primary source of revenue for the Township is property taxes voted by the voters and levied for specific purposes. Road District maintenance levies are paid only by residents of the unincorporated area and provide maintenance funds for 73.56 lane miles of township roads in the unincorporated area. [Click here] for a listing of legal road responsibilities in the community, including the removal of dead deer]. Fire Department, cemetery operating and open space (green space) preservation levies are voted on and paid by residents of both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the Township.

The cemetery levy funds are used primarily by the Township for the operation of the Maple Grove and Philipps cemeteries. The Trustees also provide some matching funds to a Union Cemetery (the Old Colony Burying Ground) which is jointly operated by the Township and the Village.

Granville Township is one of the few townships in Ohio to have passed Open Space levies for the purpose of raising money to acquire title to developable property or alternatively to acquire the development rights to property with the plan to leave it as open space. The Township has two levies raising money for the acquisition of open space and combines this money with general fund money to make property acquisitions.

The Trustees established committees consisting of both Village and Township residents to make recommendations for possible acquisitions. To date, the Township has purchased parcels totaling approximately 607 acres (also using General Fund money) including purchases in the Village of the front one-half the lawn area of the Bryn Du Mansion and three building lots along the north side of West Broadway. The Township has also purchased conservation easements, designed to limit development, on another 653 acres. There are other property negotiations underway. It is hoped that acquisition of property and development rights will help to limit development within the Granville community. To see a chart of new dwelling permits issued in the unincorporated area of the Township since 1990 [click here].

The Board of Trustees normally meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, except for months when the second meeting of the month has been canceled. Click on the Township Meeting Notices link on the front page for further information on Township meetings. Granville Township has had zoning since 1967. The latest zoning changes were adopted on 11-9-2012. To review the current Township Zoning Resolution [click here]. The Township Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals meet on an ad hoc basis.

Revised 1/15/2014


In late 2010 the Board of Township Trustees engaged the services of a consulting engineering firm to study possible locations for a new fire station based upon distribution of emergency runs and future needs. The study was expanded to cover the possible creation of a Public Safety Complex to include the Village of Granville Police Department. [Click here] to link to a copy of this study which has just been released. The study is a 4MB file which may take a short period of time to download.