Maple Grove Cemetery Gate
Maple Grove Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery was opened because the Old Colony Burying Ground located on the east side of south Main Street had reached capacity. There are about 2000 plots in Old Colony. Many of Maple Grove’s early monuments came from the DeBow Brother’s Marble Works. The first automobile funeral was in July 1913. The first power mowers were used in 1920.

The cemetery is open during daylight hours each day of the year.

Old Colony Burying Ground – “A Union Cemetery maintained by the Village of Granville and Granville Township”

The settlers of Granville marked the Burying Ground on the town plat before they left New England in 1805. Ground was broken for the first burial in the Spring of 1806, and by the mid-19th century there had been more than 2000 interments. Veterans of five different wars are buried in Old Colony.

In 1886, Granville historian Charles Webster Bryant copied all of the legible tombstone inscriptions, recording 928 epitaphs, and noted that many graves lacked monuments or were marked by simple field stones. New burials had largely ceased after Maple Grove Cemetery was opened.

Restoration of the Old Colony Burying Ground was initiated by the Granville Historical Society. Work began in the summer of 1992 under the supervision of the Old Colony Burying Ground Union Cemetery Board. Initial funds for restoration of the gravestones were granted by the Board of Granville Township Trustees from its Opera House settlement fund. The Village of Granville provides maintenance of the grounds. The Granville Rotary Club constructed the storage building. The Granville Kiwanis Club provided work tools. The Granville Foundation provided funding for landscaping of the Grounds. Felumlee Monument Company has provided equipment and expertise. Restoration work is being performed by volunteers with guidance from professional cemetery restorationists and continues to this day.

View of cemetery headstones
Philipps Cemetery
Philipps Cemetery is a 2-acre cemetery located in the Welsh Hills in the northeast quadrant of Granville Township on the west side of Philipps Road. The land for this cemetery was given by Samuel J. Philipps and the first burial was the child of Simon James. Approximately 130 internments have taken place in Philipps Cemetery. The Cemetery is no longer taking new burials.

Welsh Hills Cemetery
Welsh Hills Cemetery is operated by a private cemetery association. It is located in Granville Township along Welsh Hills Road.

Burial Information
Visit Donald Davis Young’s website to access links about burial information for Granville Township cemeteries.

Rules and Regulations
Maple Grove Cemetery is owned and operated by the Granville Township Trustees. It is located in Granville Ohio. Your cooperation is the observance of the following rules and regulations is vital to the operation of Maple Grove. Your thoughts and comments regarding any aspect of Maple Grove Cemetery are appreciated.

  1. Visiting HoursWe welcome your visits within the cemetery from 8:00 AM until approximately dusk each day. Actual hours are posted at the entrance gate.
  2. Business HoursOur cemetery office does not maintain regular business hours. Our telephone number is 740-587-0229, and has a recorder to take messages.Facsimiles may be sent to the same number. For emergencies or after 3:30 PM or on the weekends, please call the Township Superintendent Travis Binckley at 740-819-2245.
  3. Cemetery Map at EntranceOn the reverse side of the cemetery map board is a detailed book of burial information, including location within the cemetery. A map is provided for your convenience. Forms are provided if you wish to update any of our information.
  4. Traffic RegulationsThe speed limit in all areas of the cemetery is 5 MPH.Automobiles are permitted in designated roadways only. Please do not park off the roadway. No recreation riding of motorcycles is permitted.
  5. General RulesPicking of flowers or breaking of shrubbery is prohibited.No picnicking, alcoholic beverages or excess noise are permitted.Dogs must be leashed and excrement must be contained and disposed of in an appropriate manner. No soliciting or advertising is permitted.The cemetery does not accept responsibility for theft or damages to any item placed on burial spaces.
  6. Grave MarkerMonuments may be placed on fully paid for plots.Monuments in certain designated areas must be flush with the surface of the ground. Up-right monuments are permitted in all other sections.Foot markers and military markers must be flush mounted.Cemetery personnel will pour and set the foundations for monuments in the spring and fall.The Township is not responsible for damage to monuments.Current residents, former 20-year residents and business owners in Granville or Granville Township are eligible to purchase graves at the Resident Fee.
  7. Flowers and PlantingFloral bouquets are welcome at all times. We request that these be removed when they begin to fade or wither (usually within seven to ten days). We reserve the right to remove any such decorations when not removed by the individuals placing the decorations. Flowers may be planted along the front and sides of a monument within six inches but not along the rear. Your assistance in this matter facilitates our mowing of grass and general maintenance of the cemetery.Trees may not be planted except by cemetery personnel.Permanent shrubs, plantings and vegetation planting must be approved by the Cemetery Personnel. We appreciate your cooperation regarding the planting of plants to prevent the cemetery from becoming untidy and overgrown.For the safety of our personnel and those visiting the cemetery, glass containers of any type are not permitted. ONLY shredded mulch, not wood or stone chips, may be used around monuments.
  8. Burial RequirementsThe Township Trustees require the use of an outer burial container for the burial of casketed remains and the use of a recoverable container for the burial of cremated remains. Up to four cremated remains may be interred on one grave with one cremated remains interred in each quadrant of the grave. In addition, a maximum of one cremated remains may be interred over a casketed burial.
  9. Cemetery Bequest and Memorial Tree FundsThe Board of Granville Township Trustees maintains a Cemetery Bequest Fund whose principal is restricted as to expenditure. Interest and dividend earnings from this fund may be used in accordance with the bequestor’s wishes for specific maintenance of a burial site or for the general maintenance of the cemetery, as designed by the Trustees. The Board of Granville Township Trustees maintains a Memorial Tree Fund for persons wishing to establish a living memorial. If desired, the planting will be recognized with a decorative memorial plaque at its base. The planting will also be recognized on the cemetery map board and memorialized in the records of Granville Township.Requests for information regarding contributions to either of these funds may be obtained by calling the cemetery business office at 740-587-0229.
  10. MaintenanceThe cemetery personnel have sole responsibility for the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Digging within the cemetery is strictly prohibited.Requests for assistance or special services should be directed to the cemetery office.
  11. FeesA current list of fees for the purchase of burial rights and fees for services offered by the Maple Grove Cemetery is available at the cemetery office (740 587 0229) or by writing to Maple Grove Cemetery, Box 315, Granville, OH 43023-0315.
  12. Property tax levyThe operation of this cemetery (as well as Philipps and Old Colony Cemeteries) is subsidized by a .5 mill Cemetery Levy approved by voters of the Village and Township, used solely for this purpose.
  13. Township holidaysThere will be no burials on the observance day of the following Township holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following and Christmas Day.

Revised 1/28/12

  • Telephone: 740.587.0229
  • FAX: 740.587.0229
  • E-mail: cemetery@granvilletownship.org